This secretary provides the services of both paper and electronic library. It contains a rich collection of an up to date scientific and cognitive medical resources that, strengthens the academic, clinical and research ability of council members (trainees, teaching staff and researches), fostering accessibility to information and building a strong base for medical and clinical knowledge that is based on a scientific evidence.

The secretory is composed of a central library, and a number of auxiliary libraries inside different training centers in Khartoum and other states so as to facilitate knowledge delivery for the students, upgrading their performances and implicating scientific research in health sectors

Management of library affairs (central as well as auxiliary), planning for an advanced library services, follow up on employees and labor.

Providing various information resources that supports scientific, academic and research in the council as well as organizing these resources and presenting them with an updated library services for its users.

Supporting the library and its contents with latest human and electronic resources.

Subscribing in electronic website of importance.

Organizing information resources in the server and connecting them to auxiliary libraries in other states

-The library services unit.

The electronic and paper library department.

The theses services department.

-Information dispensing and organizing unit.

-library insurance department.

The auxiliary libraries department.

The secretary had arranged the following training courses for the library staff:

  1. Dspace program: this program enables the library to formulate bibliographic and textual information database that connects with its users online.
  2. RDA program: this program assists the library staff with organizing library information resources in a scientific way which coincides with the electronic services.
  3. In coordination with the WHO, a training program was organized to train 20 candidate from the council and other relevant institutions on the advanced services of HINARI website.